Engenium Staffing Job Listings include positions in Simulations

Engenium Staffing specializes in recruitment within simulation and training. We are constantly looking to recruit a wide variety of skillsets within that field. Here are some more examples of positions we hire.

Featured Job Opportunities

Data Modeler/Data Security Analyst

Engenium is seeking a Senior Data Modeler who will work closely with resources from our client's development, data architecture, and business units to create an integrated model spanning multiple lines of business and subject areas within the operational database and data warehouse. The data modeler will design, build, and maintain the logical and physical data models to support the business. Implementing or manage security functionality or controls in data center environments.

Data Integration/Migration Architect

Our client is looking for a Data Integration/Migration Architect who will design data architectures, design and build relational databases, and develop strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of a database. They will clean and maintain the database by removing and deleting old data, and be able to design and develop Databases, Data Warehouses and Multidimensional Databases.

Senior Software Engineer

Engenium is seeking a skilled Senior Software Engineer to develop advanced learning technology solutions for our client. The ideal candidate will develope great interactive software. We are searching for not just a great technical architect but a leader that can mentor and professionally grow engineers on their team. Must be a highly motivated individual with initiative and a level-headed temperament. This is a full-time position.

Product Manager

Engenium is recruiting a Product Manager for a Bespoke Software client using Agile Development Processes. Due to the high visibility nature of this role the candidate must have extraordinary communication and reporting talents.