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Medical Error Causes 440,000 Deaths a Year and a Need For Medical Simulation Training

Medical error is defined by The BMJ as any unintended act, or failure to execute a planned action, or deviation from process of care that may or may not result in patient harm. Every year medical error causes about 440,000 preventable deaths and is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. Medical mistakes that do not result in death or harm are called preventable adverse events. Medical mistakes do not always cause death or harm, however they always impact the patient.  Read More…

Testimony: Anthony S.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am among the many software engineers out there that receive hundreds of calls every year about “an amazing opportunity” almost everyday. I have had to job hunt every year since 2015 because of a lay off or a contract not going permanent in my field. Since those times, I have been welcoming and do my best to understand the difficulty of cold calling and trying to connect with a stranger for business purposes. I understand that when I work with a recruiter, both my success and their success are intertwined. However, whenever I work with any recruiter, I run them through my own process to make sure they are genuine. So, knowing all of those points, is why I highly recommend Jason Irving to anyone on the market.

I've known Jason since September 2014. He has set me up with some incredible opportunities to interview for and he has always been willing to give and receive feedback. His humility, honor and honesty makes him a strong ally in the realm of job hunting. He has never put forth a position that did not relate to my qualifications, tried to sell me on any facade, and has been forthcoming with the knowledge he has about my field. Over the years he has helped out many people I've known, and he still checks in regardless of my current situation.

Jason is among the first people I call when I go back on the market. There have been times I've been mistreated by other recruiters where Jason was there to pick me back up. For example, I was once told I landed a position somewhere, sent an offer letter and was told I would be getting an official starting date. All of this turned out to be a lie. He didn't have an opportunity for me at the time, but he was there to be empathetic to the situation. Recently he set up an interview with an incredible company. I went in and was incredibly impressed with this company, but they did not offer what I wanted. Jason was able to negotiate on my behalf and got the exact offer I was looking for.

As I've stated before, I receive hundreds of calls every year about potential opportunities. Sometimes it's multiple calls from the same person throughout the day that forgot we spoke only a few seconds to a few hours ago. Sometimes, it's someone who placed me somewhere, then forgot about me after the contract was up and never checked in, but then remembers me because they saw I became available on a job site or social media years after our last call. Sometimes it's someone who met me at an event and wanted to know if I'm still happy with my current employer, but then forgets I gave them a referral. Out of all these calls over the last several years (thirteen as of this writing), I still hear from Jason, because he is genuine, honest, honorable, and has some humility.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend him for staffing needs or for finding that dream role out there. He will not disappoint and I will continue to work with him for the rest of my career.

Kind Regards,

Anthony S.
Senior Software Engineer
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Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing: June 2019

Last month on Keeping Up With Engenium Staffing, or KUWES, we spoke about Engenium Staffing’s experience at a conference and about our new client. This month of KUWES, readers will get to hear about how to travel overseas and get paid for it!


Image courtesy of Croner-I.

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Expert Tips on Evaluating Staffing Agencies

Many companies decide to outsource to staffing firms when they are faced with a job opening that they’ve had difficulty filling. Some recruitment agencies have a database of candidates, however, much of their time is spent searching for the perfect candidate for you. When looking at the different types of staffing firms, you must pick the one that will provide you with the best candidate through their search process. The problem comes when companies have a variety of options for staffing firms and must decide which recruitment firm to use. Here are some things to know when learning how to evaluate staffing firms to get the best candidate possible for your company.

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Best Job Boards to Market Yourself In 2019

With technology, you can now connect with friends, families, and even employers from all around the world. With apps and the internet, anyone can post a job or apply for a job anywhere at anytime. However, this doesn’t mean that using online platforms guarantees that you’re hired. Many candidates find job boards to be difficult to navigate. You apply for many jobs, yet never really hear back. With the over-saturation of jobs on different websites, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the different job boards that exist. You want to be visible on as many high-traffic and niche job boards as possible. Engenium Staffing Inc. have tested and used a variety of different job boards. We spent the time to understand a variety of different platforms and the effectiveness of each site’s search engine. Providing as much info as possible and use of keywords in your resume is critical to be found by employers.


Photo by from Pexels

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