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Trying new things for Recruitment Marketing

As the year comes closer to the end, we found the job market heating up and candidates were in high demand. It was time for a shift in focus. Instead of jumping back into our usual routine, we wanted to form a creative approach to recruitment. As an adaptive company, we wanted to implement new ways to find candidates. As the digital marketer, I figured it was time to expand our reach. Business is booming but we weren’t reaching our full potential. In order to reach our ideal size, we set daily and weekly goals to help shape our future routine. The challenge we faced was how we were going to reach these goals.

After considering numerous social media channels, we decided it was time to start making video content. We started a YouTube channel in an attempt to reach a broader audience. If you weren’t aware YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine which processes over 3 billion searches a month. It gives us another platform to reach our audience through SEO efforts. Creating videos with specific keywords in mind will increase our overall organic traffic for terms such as “medical simulation operator” or “simulation software engineer”. Although our niche is in simulation, we receive requests from clients for roles ranging from nurse educators to regional sales executives.

We understand it’s hard to hold onto our candidates’ attention with our long walls of text in our job descriptions. Depending on the platform, video is the better medium to reach out and capture peoples attention. Our first video was a lot of fun to film and took about 30 minutes to record with another 1 hour to edit. We received a great response from it! You can check it out here. YouTube will be a new platform for us to expand our online presence and recruitment efforts.

Having such an adaptive business model allows us to meet our client’s needs through creative strategies. Having the opportunity to come up with videos for each of these roles may be a bit of a challenge, but it sure will be fun.

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. One of our biggest mistakes has been underestimating Facebook’s capabilities. Initially we were hesitant on integrating Facebook in our recruiting strategies but we weren’t considering Facebook’s ability to reach such a large audience. Facebook is integrated into many people’s lives unlike many other platforms. We recognize a lot of opportunity for recruitment and brand reach. The ability to customize settings to target though Facebook advertisements is a huge advantage if you want to reach out to specific people. If you haven’t already, please visit our Facebook page to see updates to our job board and the simulation community. A like and or follow would be greatly appreciated!

It seemed our shift in perspective led to new opportunities pretty quickly. It’s not clear whether YouTube or Facebook will yield exceptional results, but we have found that our shift in mentality brought in more client business.

We will continue to adapt in order to grow our business. We know we can’t be complacent when it comes to finding great candidates. Continuously growing through creative ideas will be part of our daily scrum meetings to make sure we try many avenues, so we can continue to find the right people for our clients – every time.

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