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Best Job Boards to Market Yourself In 2019

With technology, you can now connect with friends, families, and even employers from all around the world. With apps and the internet, anyone can post a job or apply for a job anywhere at anytime. However, this doesn’t mean that using online platforms guarantees that you’re hired. Many candidates find job boards to be difficult to navigate. You apply for many jobs, yet never really hear back. With the over-saturation of jobs on different websites, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the different job boards that exist. You want to be visible on as many high-traffic and niche job boards as possible. Engenium Staffing Inc. have tested and used a variety of different job boards. We spent the time to understand a variety of different platforms and the effectiveness of each site’s search engine. Providing as much info as possible and use of keywords in your resume is critical to be found by employers.


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Before we go into what we feel are the best job boards, here are some honorable mentions. Glassdoor and Monster are both excellent general platforms. They have high traffic and allow you to apply for multiple positions and post your resume, so that recruiters or employers can reach out to you. You should use different websites to research companies, however, Glassdoor is especially notable as it provides user reviews along with company information. Some good niche job boards for IT and tech jobs are Dice, Stack Overflow, Mashable, and Behance. The best way to boost your visibility and spreading your information is to be on as many job boards as possible, including niche job boards, such as Dice. You want to make sure that you are able to be found easily based on your skill set and experience.

Don’t forget your social media platforms! Facebook has a lot of professional groups that allow peers in the same industry and area to interact and network. You may find the occasional job post here and there on Facebook as well. There is no limit to how much you can apply on job boards. So might as well do as much as you possibly can, on as many platforms as possible.

Based on our experience, here are the best job boards to market yourself in 2019:

LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals. LinkedIn is the largest professional network with users in over 200 countries and territories. The platform allows you to interact with peers in your industry all around the world. You can even write articles and update those around you on your achievements. Peers can endorse your skills, and you can list your experience on your profile. It has features which allow you to write a small bio that pops up along with your name. This bio lets you display who you are, what you work in, and if you are actively looking for a job. It has an easy interface and most recruiters prefer using it due to its large pool of high quality professional candidates. It is easy to use both for clients and candidates. A well executed profile with pertinent information can make a huge difference in the amount of opportunities you may get. LinkedIn even allows you to use your profile as a resume in applications on other sites. LinkedIn’s most notable feature is its’ job searching function. This feature allows you to see jobs in your interest and jobs that you qualify for while allowing for notifications to update you when a new opportunity presents itself.

Indeed allows you to look around the job market with ease. With 9.8 million jobs added per second, Indeed provides a large and free job market to those looking. You can not only post your resume, but also check out different employers. You can find jobs based on industry and the interface is easy to use. You can see company reviews and find job postings based on salaries. It is a good platform to increase your visibility. With the high traffic and interface, many recruiters enjoy using this website for fast and secure hires. Our recruiters use this site predominantly to search for candidates, rather than posting open jobs. Unlike LinkedIn, Indeed does not provide pictures, allowing for some form of unbias. It provides your number and email easily to recruiters after you confirm your interest for a job. Indeed also recently added a function that allows users to take tests to display their skills. To say the least, Indeed is a great way to ensure that you are seen by recruiters.

Ziprecruiter truly caters to you, the candidate. All you need to do is provide Ziprecruiter with your information and they will enter it into their talent network. Not only can you search and apply for jobs, employers and recruiters can reach out to you with job opportunities as well. It is essentially a huge pool of easy to find candidates for recruiters, making it a preferred platform. Not only is it easy for you, it is also easy for employers. Ziprecruiter has an excellent online screening function that allows recruiters to find perfect candidates with specific skills. The site provides an algorithm that presents  job opportunities, which it deems a “Great Match”. If you feel that you are a good match to a job, you can “Super apply” to the role which will then notify the employer. You’re given a list of relevant trending job opportunities, companies, and cities to even help you plan your career and goals. You can even rate job opportunities based on engagement and see what others have to say.

If you post on all of these different job boards and are still struggling to hear back, here are some tips on improving your profile and increasing engagement with employers and recruiters. There’s an age old myth about resumes being only a page long. The truth is in order for you to market yourself, you need to provide all the right information, potentially meaning your resume won’t fit on just one page. For all online platforms, keywords are incredibly important as many job boards have a search function or some algorithm that allows recruiters and HR managers to find you. For example, Google uses the keywords that you type into their search engine to narrow down results to be as relevant as possible for you. You want to be sure when you are editing your profile that you are specific and as accurate as possible. Many recruiters will skim resumes in search for very specific words. They will turn away resumes for not having those words and for inaccuracies, such as work history that hasn’t been updated. If you want to increase visibility, be sure to have relevant job titles and pay attention to phrases recruiters are looking for. For example, putting in your LinkedIn bio that you are “actively looking” or “open to job opportunities” is the most powerful way to get found on LinkedIn.

With all of this technology, it would be a waste not to use all of the online resources available. Stand out to employers and beat your competitors by using the best job boards!

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